Halloween Events 2020 Today

Halloween Events 2020 Today With so many Halloween-themed events set to take place this year, we thought we’d bring them altogether in one handy spot. . Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Halloween haunt builders had to get creative with ways to safely and distantly scare patrons this haunting season. The Urban Legends Haunt was one […]

Terre Haute Christmas Parade 2020

Terre Haute Christmas Parade 2020 The Terre Haute Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a trunk or treat drive-thru and parade at Deming Park. It starts on October 17 at 5 pm. It will last until the candy runs out. Also in . A popular Halloween event in Terre Haute has been called off. On […]

Seventeen Halloween Costume 2020

Seventeen Halloween Costume 2020 Even with Halloween on the horizon, you can still get totally into the ~Spooky Season~ mood while staying at your coziest (and even on . Halloween might look different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hit a Zoom party in style. Scroll through these Zoom Halloween costumes for proof. […]

Christmas Tree 2020 Ideas

Christmas Tree 2020 Ideas If you aren’t in the Christmas spirit just yet, these succulent Christmas trees will get you there fast. The post Succulent Christmas Trees Are the CUTEST New Christmas Decoration—Here’s Where to Find . Treat them to something different this Christmas, with a quirky gift that will keep you in their thoughts […]

Halloween Events October 28 2020

Halloween Events October 28 2020 While traditional trick-or-treating and haunted houses are higher risk activities this Halloween season according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are some . Both full moons of October are quite unique, with the first being a micro moon and the other a rare Halloween blue moon. . […]

Christmas Lights Recycling 2020

Christmas Lights Recycling 2020 Christmas is almost three months away, but readers are already asking: will there be Tacky Lights this year with the pandemic? . According to WIVB, the Festival of Lights will be returning this November and December to the Hamburg Fairgrounds. However, there are some changes this year due to the COVID-19 […]

Halloween Crunch 2020

Halloween Crunch 2020 October has arrived and spooky season is in full effect — as it turns out, nobody knows that better than the team at Krispy Kreme. Thursday morning, the culinary minds revealed four new doughnuts, . Candy companies, including Hershey, say they are hopeful that kids will still trick-or-treat and adults will seek […]

Fallout Shelter Christmas Quest 2020

Fallout Shelter Christmas Quest 2020 not all quests are like that with the worst thing for these quests is a level requirement. In its package, Fallout Shelter is pretty enjoyable. I like logging in every day to check on the progress . Welcome to my walkthrough for Fallout Shelter! In this free game training up […]

Halloween Nail Contest 2020

Halloween Nail Contest 2020 Nail salons joined city playgrounds Friday as the latest sectors of Pasadena permitted to reopen at limited capacity after months of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, officials said. The modified . Kids are going to be disappointed about the rules this year, but the way they manage that disappointment gives […]

Time Out Chicago Christmas 2020

Time Out Chicago Christmas 2020 Every year, we look for all the answers in the Time Out Index: our huge, anonymous survey of urbanites all over the planet. In 2020 The lucky residents of Chicago are happiest, most likely . The last thing she wants to do is sound like the Grinch who stole Christmas. […]